Friday, August 31, 2007

Monitoring Oracle 10g Server

I've posted some articles about Oracle. How to connect Oracle to PHP, connect Oracle to ASP.NET, or splitting Oracle server. In this blog you can find how to handle host credentials of your Oracle server or optimizing Oracle server.

This article will talk about how to monitor Oracle server. It's very sensitive for database administrator. Admin should make sure the server works well. To do it, he has to monitor time by time. There are some ways to do this job. We'll try to use Oracle Entrepise Manager 10g. Let's check it out:

#1. Open your browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer
#2. Go to Oracle Entrepise Manager 10g by entering url address: http://localhost:5500/. 5500 is default port for the first database. If you have some database, port will be incremented automatically like 5501, 5502, ...
#2. Enter your username and password correctly.
#3. On the first page, there are some menus: Home, Performance, Administration, and maintenance.
#4. Home page is loaded directly. Information we can get are: - General (Server information in common points like: Status, Up Since, Availability etc)
- Host CPU and Active Session displayed on graphics mode. So, we can analyze it quickly and easily.
- High Availability and Space Usage
- Diagnostic Summary and the last part is Alert. Alert shows Critical and Warning for system administrator.
#5. Second menu is Performance. We can monitor:
- Host
- Session: Waiting and Working
- Instance Throughput
- Additional Monitoring links.

Pay attention on Warning displayed on the screen. Analyze and diagnose it to prevent serious trouble on oracle server.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Make Blog Stay Update

It's very important to make blog staying up to date. Search engine like Google like to visit blog with update content. But there is one problem: we don't have enough time to blogging or sometimes we lazy to write a post. There are some solutions but I want to discuss about Newsreel page element. I try to use Page Element provided by blogger because I use blogger. Here are the tips:

#1. Sign to your blog on blogger.
#2. Pick Template menu, choose Page Element and Click Add Page Element.
#3. Scroll down the window and choose Newsreel widget, click "Add to Blog".
#4. Configure Newsreel and customize based on your style.
#5. Click Save Changes button to save this changes.

Preview your blog and make it stay update!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Free Search Engine Submissions

One of offpage optimization type in seo is search engine submissions. There are many online tools that provide it. One of them is is one of online search engine optimization tool. You can submit your site on many search engine for free. For example, I open and then choose Free Search Engine Submission menu. We'll get two options: Basic Search Engine Submission (14 search engine) and Professional Search Engine Submission (Hundreds of search engines). Now, try to click the first option. This is step by step process. Just follow the instructions written on the web page.

#Step one

1. Add link to by copying and paste it on your web page
2. Enter information about your website and contact information
Give check for options you want and ready to the next step.

Add me to google
Add me to scrub the web
And then click next

#Step two

Add me to, if you see an apporval from click Back button on your web browser.
Add me to alexa. This is confirmation shown on the screen:

"Thank You
Your request was successful. The Alexa bot will visit your site within the next few days.
You may also wish to update your contact information, or suggest related links.
Note: it may take several weeks for information about your site to appear in the Alexa service."

#Step 3

Addme to BigFinder
Confirmation: Thank you for submitting your web site to
Addme to FyberSearch
Confirmation: You have successfully suggested your website to FyberSearch.

#Step 4

Addme to life tips
Addme to Exactseek, email required

#Step 5

Addme to nerdworld
Confirmation: Site Submission Completed
Addme to infotiger, email address required.
Confirmation: Successfully added

#Step 6

Addme to FocusLook
Addme to Walhello
Confirmation: Thank You!! Walhello will index your URL!!

#Step 7

Addme to jayde
Confirmation: Thank you for submitting to
Addme to entireweb
Confirmation (if you don't give email address):
An error has occured!
The email noemail\\ is invalid.

#Step 8

Add me to my friends

Process Done.

However, there is still one bonuses from It is a bookmark button. Just simply copy the code on the textarea shown and paste it on your web page. It's done!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Free Blog Statistics

Now, we will talk about monitoring of the blog. There are a lot of free blog statistics provided by internet. You can choose which one you like. I'll try to write one of it: It's free blog statistic provider. How to put it to your blog?

#1. Open this url:
#2. Click Register menu on the left side of the page.
#3. You have to fullfill the registration form. Just simply enter your email address, password, your name, and word verification.
#4. Click register button and you'll see message like this: Registration Done. It means you have completed the registration.
#5. But you must verify account by opening your email and click the link sent by

After verifying your blog, go to the and Sign In. Enter your email and password. We're ready to setup counter to put on our blog. Click "Add Blog" link in the right side of the web page or "Add One" on first row of the table.

#1. Step One: Type your blog url and then click "Explore Feed".
#2. Step Two: Approving Info. You should enter the description of the blog completely.
#3. Step Three: Verifying all information. You need to check all informations you have just entered.

The next step is getting javascript code for your blog.
#1. Step One: Installing javascript code into your blog. There are two options: invisible or visible. Click Next to continue.
#2. Step Two: Choose template that has match color to your blog. There are four options and then click Next.
#3. Final Step: You get javascript code generated by Copy and paste it to your blog. There will be a small picture that contains count number.

Open your blog to start counting.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Add MyBlogLog Widget

One day, I've signed up for MyBlogLog account. It's a widespread blog log. With this tool, we can see who is recent reader of our blog. After creating an account, you can go to your MyBlogLog page. To add Recent Reader widget to your blog, follow this steps:

#1. Choose Widgets menu under your blog title.
#2. Click a color text heading, then choose a color from the palette.
#3. Preview is available on the right side of the page
#4. If you feel the color is match, just click "Preview and Get Code" button to get the javascript code. Copy it.
#5. Paste javascript you get on your blog.

Now, you have a nice widget and you know everyone who views your blog. Enjoy!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Offpage optimization of SEO

I've posted about Learning Search Engine Optimization. One of method in search engine optimization is offpage optimization. It means we do optimization on our blog or website but it's done by doing activity not in blog it self. How can we do it? I've some tips for you:

#1. Free search engine submission
Try to go to Go to Free search engine submission menu and just follow step by step instruction. This process will submit your site or blog for free in many search engine. So, they will index and know your site is exist.

#2. Open project directory
Type on your url bar. It's directory for all website in the world. Do you know that it's manually done by admin? After submission from visitor, administrator of this site will check and classify it in the correct category. Just simply click the category that match with your site and follow the easy steps.

#3. Blog walking
It's very good to make your site well-known. You add a comment to another blog and it links to your webpage. This will increase your page rank and the other commentator will know about you. They will try to go to your blog and the traffic will increase. More often you do blog walking, more friend you'll get.

Just try it! You know that experience is the best teacher, isn't it?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

SVG Link

Like I sad in the previous post about knowing XML, I'll try to write something about SVG. Here's some links of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) source you can read:

And brief tutorial here:
Or you can visit a web with a lot of information about SVG at