Friday, July 6, 2007

Learning Search Engine Optimation

What is SEO?

It's Search Engine Optimation. It's the way to optimize your website to be read by search engine. If you can do this as well as possible, your site will appear in the first page of search result list when someone type keyword int the search engine. Here's some tips and tricks that will optimize your blog or your website:
  1. Add your website to search engine. It makes your URL included to the index of searching. For example for Google, go to and add your url here.
  2. Add meta tag in your blog or website. Meta tag will be read when search engine like Google find the information through the world. For example:
    <meta content='Oracle Database, PHP Web Programming, 
    Open Source Software Tutorial'
  3. Add link to your friends blogroll and of course you need to add his url to your blog. It will be increase your authority in the blog search engine like Technorati.
Okey, that's some tips I know. You can explore about search engine optimation further by asking internet too. Have a nice day!

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