Thursday, July 5, 2007

Splitting Oracle Server

There are three four days to deadline for final project of database labwork. But, there're some problems here. One of critical problem is my Oracle Server down for a night. All of user complain to me and I don't know what should I do. I just restart the database service but it doesn't work. I don't sleep for a night again. I try to do another way but it's still failed. Asking some friends doesn't help too. What should I do?

In the next night, I decide to split my Oracle server in laboratory. I find the other Oracle server in other laboratory but I can't import user from my original database. Perhaps it uses Oracle 9g and my lab with 10g. I can't debug for a long time anymore. It's the three days counter down to deadline.

I choose on of the computer in lab although it's very hard to be a server because its RAM only 512MB. But, if I don't split my server, it will be going down with crazy traffic like this. First, I export user in the database. And then install Oracle and create database in new server. Second, create user and importing user from original database. There are 74 groups and I split it become two parts. In original server, there are 50 groups and 24 groups in the new server.

Oho, it's work for two days! Although there is a chaos an hour before deadline. I'm still finding out how to optimize Oracle server and Windows Server 2003 as its operating system. Can somebody help?


Anonymous said...

you should optimize both oracle server and windows server, guys. if don't, you'll not be able to make your server work well.

CempLuk said...

hud blog ku onok sing bajak pek !!! anjrit.aku nesu banget..piye wes koen daftar no blog mu iki nang adsense ?? spt nya udah y?? selamat y

hudan said...

thanks, Ndi. But it's the end of everything. It's still working hard..

hudan said...

to anonymous, thanks guys. It's a must to optimize both Oracle server and Windows server. I'll try it!