Friday, August 31, 2007

Monitoring Oracle 10g Server

I've posted some articles about Oracle. How to connect Oracle to PHP, connect Oracle to ASP.NET, or splitting Oracle server. In this blog you can find how to handle host credentials of your Oracle server or optimizing Oracle server.

This article will talk about how to monitor Oracle server. It's very sensitive for database administrator. Admin should make sure the server works well. To do it, he has to monitor time by time. There are some ways to do this job. We'll try to use Oracle Entrepise Manager 10g. Let's check it out:

#1. Open your browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer
#2. Go to Oracle Entrepise Manager 10g by entering url address: http://localhost:5500/. 5500 is default port for the first database. If you have some database, port will be incremented automatically like 5501, 5502, ...
#2. Enter your username and password correctly.
#3. On the first page, there are some menus: Home, Performance, Administration, and maintenance.
#4. Home page is loaded directly. Information we can get are: - General (Server information in common points like: Status, Up Since, Availability etc)
- Host CPU and Active Session displayed on graphics mode. So, we can analyze it quickly and easily.
- High Availability and Space Usage
- Diagnostic Summary and the last part is Alert. Alert shows Critical and Warning for system administrator.
#5. Second menu is Performance. We can monitor:
- Host
- Session: Waiting and Working
- Instance Throughput
- Additional Monitoring links.

Pay attention on Warning displayed on the screen. Analyze and diagnose it to prevent serious trouble on oracle server.

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