Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Free Blog Statistics

Now, we will talk about monitoring of the blog. There are a lot of free blog statistics provided by internet. You can choose which one you like. I'll try to write one of it: It's free blog statistic provider. How to put it to your blog?

#1. Open this url:
#2. Click Register menu on the left side of the page.
#3. You have to fullfill the registration form. Just simply enter your email address, password, your name, and word verification.
#4. Click register button and you'll see message like this: Registration Done. It means you have completed the registration.
#5. But you must verify account by opening your email and click the link sent by

After verifying your blog, go to the and Sign In. Enter your email and password. We're ready to setup counter to put on our blog. Click "Add Blog" link in the right side of the web page or "Add One" on first row of the table.

#1. Step One: Type your blog url and then click "Explore Feed".
#2. Step Two: Approving Info. You should enter the description of the blog completely.
#3. Step Three: Verifying all information. You need to check all informations you have just entered.

The next step is getting javascript code for your blog.
#1. Step One: Installing javascript code into your blog. There are two options: invisible or visible. Click Next to continue.
#2. Step Two: Choose template that has match color to your blog. There are four options and then click Next.
#3. Final Step: You get javascript code generated by Copy and paste it to your blog. There will be a small picture that contains count number.

Open your blog to start counting.

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