Sunday, August 12, 2007

Offpage optimization of SEO

I've posted about Learning Search Engine Optimization. One of method in search engine optimization is offpage optimization. It means we do optimization on our blog or website but it's done by doing activity not in blog it self. How can we do it? I've some tips for you:

#1. Free search engine submission
Try to go to Go to Free search engine submission menu and just follow step by step instruction. This process will submit your site or blog for free in many search engine. So, they will index and know your site is exist.

#2. Open project directory
Type on your url bar. It's directory for all website in the world. Do you know that it's manually done by admin? After submission from visitor, administrator of this site will check and classify it in the correct category. Just simply click the category that match with your site and follow the easy steps.

#3. Blog walking
It's very good to make your site well-known. You add a comment to another blog and it links to your webpage. This will increase your page rank and the other commentator will know about you. They will try to go to your blog and the traffic will increase. More often you do blog walking, more friend you'll get.

Just try it! You know that experience is the best teacher, isn't it?


BUsS_ said...

nuwun sewu nggih mbah cucu mu iki... :p

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