Friday, August 24, 2007

Free Search Engine Submissions

One of offpage optimization type in seo is search engine submissions. There are many online tools that provide it. One of them is is one of online search engine optimization tool. You can submit your site on many search engine for free. For example, I open and then choose Free Search Engine Submission menu. We'll get two options: Basic Search Engine Submission (14 search engine) and Professional Search Engine Submission (Hundreds of search engines). Now, try to click the first option. This is step by step process. Just follow the instructions written on the web page.

#Step one

1. Add link to by copying and paste it on your web page
2. Enter information about your website and contact information
Give check for options you want and ready to the next step.

Add me to google
Add me to scrub the web
And then click next

#Step two

Add me to, if you see an apporval from click Back button on your web browser.
Add me to alexa. This is confirmation shown on the screen:

"Thank You
Your request was successful. The Alexa bot will visit your site within the next few days.
You may also wish to update your contact information, or suggest related links.
Note: it may take several weeks for information about your site to appear in the Alexa service."

#Step 3

Addme to BigFinder
Confirmation: Thank you for submitting your web site to
Addme to FyberSearch
Confirmation: You have successfully suggested your website to FyberSearch.

#Step 4

Addme to life tips
Addme to Exactseek, email required

#Step 5

Addme to nerdworld
Confirmation: Site Submission Completed
Addme to infotiger, email address required.
Confirmation: Successfully added

#Step 6

Addme to FocusLook
Addme to Walhello
Confirmation: Thank You!! Walhello will index your URL!!

#Step 7

Addme to jayde
Confirmation: Thank you for submitting to
Addme to entireweb
Confirmation (if you don't give email address):
An error has occured!
The email noemail\\ is invalid.

#Step 8

Add me to my friends

Process Done.

However, there is still one bonuses from It is a bookmark button. Just simply copy the code on the textarea shown and paste it on your web page. It's done!


Rosalind said...

I tried addme and didn't get any traffic even after 4 months. SpinSuccess works FAR better.


schizoprenic girl said...

opo seh.... gak ngerti aku.bahasa mu aneh...........