Tuesday, June 26, 2007

ASP .NET to Oracle? Try this...

Here's the algorithm:

  1. Make sure you've installed Oracle Client first
  2. Open Visual Studio .NET and choose in design view
  3. Click Toolbox, Data, and drag SqlDataSource.
  4. Choose Configure Data Source
  5. And then New Connection
  6. Change Data Source into Oracle Database
  7. Enter Server Name with your database name
  8. Don't forget to fill Username and Password
  9. To check whether connection successfull or not, click button Test Connection.
  10. If you see information message box: "Test connection succeeded", it means that you're successfully connected to Oracle and ready to work.
  11. Then click Next
  12. Configure the Select Statement. Select table name or view you wanna show and also some columns too. There're some options like Where, Order by, and Advanced
  13. Click Next and Test Query if you wanna check whether it works well or not.
  14. Finish!
  15. Ready to work!
What about the code? Maybe you can help me to switch it to the code :)....


CempLuk said...

nice tips..

adek said...

mas, kok bahasa inggris. aku bingung. maksude opo? aku kudu buka sing endi. halah sampeyan ngomong langsung ae.
mas, iki email-e mas nugroho, kon dudohke sampeyan

hudan said...

to cempluk:
Thanks Ndi,,,

to adek:
it's the other side of your Brother, Ndhuk...

rozyee said...

Oracle client iku opo..??
Installer e nang ndi....???
Nama file installer e opo Pakde..??

hudan said...

Oracle client is the Oracle that used in the client side beside server side. It's installed in each client connected to the server. You can find the installer in my lab bro!