Saturday, April 9, 2011

[Linux Ubuntu] How To Enable Arabic Keyboard Layout

I want to write Arabic in my Ubuntu box. So, I have to enable Arabic keyboard layout. Let's get started:

# Install language-pack-ar and language-pack-ar-base. These packages is used to translation for Arabic language
sudo apt-get install language-pack-ar language-pack-ar-base
# Install ttf-arabeyes for Arabic fonts and libfribidi0 for Arabic Unicode algorithm
sudo apt-get install ttf-arabeyes libfribidi0
# Don't forget language-support-ar package
sudo apt-get install language-support-ar
# Then go to System*Preferences*Keyboard. There are some tabs, choose Layout

# Click Add button and you will get a dialox box contains two tabs: By Country and By Language. Choose By Language then Arabic for Language and Arabic for Variants.

# Click Add button once more and you will see this icon in your main panel in desktop:
[Linux Ubuntu] How To Enable Arabic Keyboard Layout
# Click USA and it will be switched to Ara and vice versa.

I get this how-to here. Enjoy!

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