Sunday, July 15, 2007

Optimation of Your Oracle Server Services

When your oracle server get a high traffic, what can we do to increase the performance? I do this to solve the problem, maybe you can try it.

#1. Disable useless database services

Sometimes, we have some databases in on computer server. But, is it all used by client? You can check whether some database are not used by client. It means that the services is enabled but it is idle. Of course it makes your oracle server works harder. So, just disabled some useless services.

- Programs, enter your Control Panel
- Select Administrative Tools
- Choose Services

You will find some services that unused and just right click it and select Properties. You can disable it or starts manually.

#2. Uninstall unused software or tools on your server

When you install new tools on your server, it means you add registry, services, and spend harddisk capacity. What is that means? You will get harder work of oracle server. So, it's better if you uninstall some tools occasionally used. What kind of tools you can delete? Text editor or a image editor is rarely needed. Only one text editor need, isn't it? No image editor is not problem because it's oracle server, not image file server. One thing maybe you forget: you should use one sql editor.

#3. Use minimun GUI (Graphical User Interface) on operating system

Like in Windows XP, go to Properties of your computer. Select Advanced tab and choose Performance setting button. There are four radio button and just click the "Adjust for best performance". No wallpaper is also increase your memory performance.

Okey, we will discuss about this in another time. Have a nice troubleshoot click!

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