Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SQL Developer: a SQL Editor Alternative

Several weeks ago, I got something special to do. I had to add database name in tnsnames.ora for all workstation in my laboratory. Do you know how many computer in my lab? Seventy-five!!! Although can be done over PDC (Public Domain Controller) and helped by some friends, it’s still very hard to do. Because I’ve to check it one by one.

Actually, there are some sql editor we can use. One of them is SQL Developer. If we use this editor, we no need to set tnsnames.ora file. Just simply type the server IP address and the database name before we log in. This is the screenshot:

Simple? It could be different answer you get when asking this question. Maybe it’s just every man habit. Oke, get the next cool database experience!

special thanks for: mbak Novia and Kohar "the Master"

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